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The story behind Small Point

For the past two or three years, I have tried new ways of exploring the sky in my landscape paintings. I worked on pieces where the sky became more dramatic (see Reflections and The View From Here) and a painting where the sky appeared as one color (see Just Breathe). If you are familiar with my work you might know that my skies do not just have one color, but thin layers of multiple colors.

By the end of 2022, I continued exploring just one color in the sky and focused on the multiple layers that make up that color. I also decided to continue to use a square format as I had with "Just Breathe".

"Small Point" (seen above) is the first large-scale square painting where I picked one color found in the photo I took and focused on that color (and all of the colors that make up that color) for the sky. The painting itself is 36"x 36".

This photo was taken while on a walk in Maine near Small Point. I have painted many pieces from the trip I took to Maine and this one is the most calming of all of them. It had been a slightly rainy/grey day and I loved how it made the colors softer, almost cozy.

If you would like to purchase this piece, you can find it here: Small Point

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